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Our bra is design uses todays technology. It's easy to put on, comfortable enough for everyday wear. The best part? You can get dressed in the morning without assistance! We have already received great feedback from woman around the world who love it as much as we do.

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  • How Happy is Sussan?

    “😊I'm just so happy to find a bra that I'll be able to put on! And it's not just a soft awful thing which pulls on over your head. I can't wait to be able to put a bra on🌹😃💗 I had 3 aneurysms burst at once last July, during the emergency surgery, one of the aneurysms didn't stay clipped and bled into my brain again! So I had a stroke. I'm doing very well I'm told but it's very frustrating and tiring. As you would know.” Sussan

  • Anne is a fan!

    “Oh, my goodness, am I grateful for this bra! As a bed-bound person using a lift to get into a wheelchair, wearing a standard bra required having a third party stuff me uncomfortably into it. I can put on this bra myself! It provides great back support, too, and is pretty. I love that there is Velcro on both sides, so it’s possible to slip it over the head. I’ve been raving about it to every woman I know living with frozen shoulders. Thank you, thank you, thank you from your biggest fan in the U.S.!”—ANNE

  • Thank you Meg!

    “Ever since I became disabled I have struggled with bras. I don’t have the dexterity to do up the clasp on a traditional bra. People recommended a bralette to me, but as I am 34DD they have to be tight to keep everything in place. This bra is totally different though. I have a pacemaker that is right where a bra sits and it is the only bra that I have found that doesn’t rub against it. I am still not great at putting it on by myself but I am sure with practice I will master it!” Meg

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